Lesson contents

Lesson 1

Overview of the Gordon-Training

The Behaviour Window

The Acceptance Line

Who has got the problem?


Lesson 2

Enrichment of relationships

Changing the environment

Time Management

Clear Communication


Lesson 3

Sending and receiving


Identifying problems in the others

Communication Roadblocks


Lesson 4

Supporting others

Passive and Active Listening

Limitations and requirements

Basic needs


Lesson 5

Encounter Unacceptable Behaviours

Ineffective ways of confronting others

Effective ways of confronting others

How to deal with resistance


Lesson 6

Confrontation and conflicts

Three-step I-Message and special I-Messages

Identifying Conflicts

The three methods for resolving conflicts


Lesson 7

Conflict Resolution

The effects of parental power

The six steps of Method III

Needs versus solutions


Lesson 8

The Problem-Solving Process

Rules within the family/team/group

Benefits and objections

Mediate in conflicts


Lesson 9

Value Collisions

Power and threats

Method III



Lesson 10

Changes in attitudes

I-Messages and Active Listening

Being a role model

Changing of own perspectives