Effectiveness Training

Gordon Training Zürich offers Thomas Gordon's proven Effectiveness Training workshops in Zurich and on request also in other locations in Switzerland.

Gordon's model of communication consists of a set of useful techniques that are invaluable for parents, persons in leadership positions, teachers, sales persons, health professionals, and everyone wishing to communicate effectively and with respect.

Course contents

  • How to talk so you will be listened to.
  • How to listen so your partner will feel genuinely understood.
  • How to resolve conflicts and problems so that no one loses and problems stay solved.
  • A method for troubleshooting problems and knowing which skills to use to solve them.

Methods used in the course
The class consists of brief lectures, demonstrations, workbook exercises, role-playing, small group discussion and some homework.
Participants receive a workbook and a certificate upon completion of the course.

The courses in our calendar are taught in German. For groups of 5 or more persons wishing to join a course in English we are very happy to come to a location near you. Please contact us for further details. 


About Dr. Thomas Gordon

Dr. Thomas Gordon (1918–2002) was an American clinical psychologist and one of the pioneers of humanistic psychology. He was convinced that children who grow up in an embracing and liberal environment turn into responsible and self-determined adults. 

Gordon strongly believed that the use of coercive power damages relationships. As an alternative, he taught people skills for communicating and resolving conflicts so that they can use these to establish or improve good relationships at home, school and at work.
These skills, which include Active Listening, I-messages and No-Lose Conflict Resolution, are now widely known and used by people around the world.

Thomas Gordon wrote various books such as "Parent Effectiveness Training", "Teacher Effectiveness Training", "Leader Effectiveness Training" and more. His books have been published in over 30 languages.
He was the recipient of several awards and has been nomitated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times.